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Blunny Money

The Challenge

Iconic Australian manufacturer Blundstone Boots wanted to re-engage with and reward their core, long standing, loyal customers in rural Australia with a competition to win 1 of 3 cash prizes.

The Strategy

There are not too many brands in the world that have developed such an affinity with their customers, like all mates, over time they adopted the ‘Blunny’ nickname. In keeping with the Blundstone heritage and personality we have developed a creative concept positioning for a National promotional campaign “Like to win a boot load of Blunny Money?” 

We expect the answer from someone from say Toowoomba, (male or female), would of course be, Blunny Oath! A (farm) dog excited that their owner is getting new shoes. Both “Chewy” and the owner are both rewarded. Chewy appears to be reminding us to enter the competition. He’s smart enough to recognise that he would get another pair of his favourite boots to gnaw and the owner could win $10,000. Whilst the instore POS stood out so too did the advertising. We recognised that rural Australia were tech savvy and therefore developed a digital media strategy engaging a far wider audience in much harder to reach places.

The Impact

The campaign was newly launched to great effect. In fact when we asked Blundstone, “were they happy so far?” Coincidently, they responded. “Blunny Oath”

Concept, POS, online digital advertising banners, promotional collateral. distribution.

Blunny Money

Blunny Oath there were some entries