Nutura Organic
Marketing Strategy Case Studyy

The Brief

Nutura Organic came to us on the cusp of a repositioning effort which would propel their Australian-made baby formula deeper into the Australian market and further afield into international markets.

We were tasked with developing the international website and managing the Australian brand launch – which would become a ‘proof of concept’ as a gateway to changing consumer perceptions of the Nutura Organic brand in international markets.

Our Approach

Baby Steps

We worked with Nutura to identify digital marketing as the key to driving the new market positioning. Our creative team ecstatically took on the wonderful new brand, developing a range of unique branded digital assets which would underpin the digital marketing efforts, along with POS marketing collateral to support the brand positioning in stores.

One of their first bright ideas was creating a highly campaignable, yet simple tagline. Nutura + at+m = Better Together

Expanding the Nutura brand

The Strategy

Digital Strategy

We kicked off the campaign with the launch of the website and rebranded digital assets as Nutura’s new tins hit the shelves. The digital marketing strategy was formulated with a focus on social media and content marketing, supported by Google Search + Display Network ads and SEO.


Nutura needed an online destination to personify their beautiful new brand, and connect parents with engaging content, resources and information on their baby formula products. We created a bespoke, custom designed website combining their whimsical illustrations and wonderful lifestyle photography with an eCommerce platform that doesn’t compromise on speed and performance.

Social Media

Nutura social media strategy is about exploring the genuine experience of parents and newborns. Using custom audience targeting to reach parents around Australia, lifestyle photography highlights healthy, positive relationships within realistic Australian settings, and relatable quotes create natural, authentic engagement with mothers and fathers all around the country.

Content Marketing

Nutura’s content centres on the idea that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. The Nutura Village was created to support parents and families with recipes, blog articles, nutritional and parenting tips. Creating compelling content that is genuinely useful to parents is the key to getting return website traffic from the target audience and positioning Nutura as the experts in their field.

The Results

Nutura now has a bespoke, custom-designed website which is a unique reflection of their brand. Featuring a fully-customised eCommerce module and a ‘find a retailer’ tool, this is a website geared to act as an anchor for all of Nutura’s marketing efforts, online and offline.

Digital advertising across social media, Google search and display, and website-hosted blogs supported by SEO, encourage traffic to the website with the goal of influencing consumer decisions in the choice of baby formula brand. After the launch of the website and digital marketing strategy, Nutura had another growth spurt, and is now stocked in retailers nation-wide.

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