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Saint David Dairy

The Brief

St David Dairy is Melbourne’s only micro-dairy, processing and packaging award-winning milk and dairy products from St David Street in Fitzroy. Founded by a fourth generation dairy farmer in 2013, St David Dairy sources all of their milk within 100km of their Fitzroy location. At a time when provenance and ‘food miles’ count, it’s little wonder that word has spread among those who want something wholesome and as natural as possible from their local producers.

As much as St David Dairy is a unique business, the brief for their website build was unique also.

St David Dairy came to us looking for a social media marketing strategy, and our first suggestion to implement this successfully was actually to build a new website.

Whilst social media is traditionally used by marketers as one of the most cost-effective methods to create targeted top-of-sales-funnel influence, the value of this potential exposure is diminished to those in the audience who are keen to learn more and aren’t able to do so.

In other words, if we had have pointed social content towards the old website, in many cases we’d be opening up a digital sales funnel for which the audience couldn’t progress down.

The Approach

In line with the shortfalls we identified on the old St David Dairy website, we endeavoured to create a new website which visually represented the St David Dairy brand while providing comprehensive information about their product offering.

The website was developed with a full online shop functionality, with detailed information about each product, though without eCommerce capability due to the perishable nature of the products.

The intention of this new website was to make it easier for potential customers and suppliers to find information about St David Dairy products and how to purchase them. This involved the inclusion of a ‘Find a retailer’ tool for consumers as well as a dedicated landing page for potential suppliers.

The Results

The new St David Dairy website creates a strong visual impression of the brand while being conversion optimised to encourage potential customers and suppliers to convert.

Having the new website up meant we could transition our social media strategy to a more sales-focused one as well. Having the ‘Find a retailer’ tool readily available meant we could send interested users on Facebook to a central location where they could find a place to learn more and eventually purchase St David Dairy products.

The modular nature of this tool and the website means that no matter how big St David Dairy grows, customers will still be able to use this website to find any and all of their retailers and purchase their award-winning dairy.

Visit the St David Dairy website