Ocean Road Dairies Case Study

The Brief

Ocean Road Dairies is a premium infant formula brand made from Australian A2 cow’s milk, from organic dairy farms dotted around Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Processed just down the road from some of their farms, their unique “farm to formula” product is one of the freshest infant formula products available.

Ocean Road Dairies came to us looking for a marketing strategy partner for a successful launch of the product to market, creating brand awareness and converting online engagement to sales - all whilst remaining compliant with the strict advertising regulations associated with infant formula.

Our Approach


Telling The Story

Beginning with the brand identity, we took the existing branding and crafted the story and visuals around it.

There was a challenge in explaining the dual benefits of Organic and A2 milk in one product. To explain this unique combination, we developed the creative tagline “The power of 2” – combining the 2 in A2 while alluding to the power of the two factors working in tandem.



We developed a bespoke website to tell the unique story of Ocean Road Dairies, incorporating eCommerce functionality and a blog to offer parenting advice and drive traffic. The eCommerce store was developed with subscription features for the formula products, providing parents with a convenient way to access Ocean Road Dairies’ unique formula regularly.


Understanding the needs of parents, we incorporated a blog into the digital marketing strategy, offering valuable parenting advice. This resource not only added value to the website but also positioned Ocean Road Dairies as an expert in the parenting space, and helped the brand reach more new parents.


Social media marketing was used heavily to increase brand awareness, as well as for direct response eCommerce advertising, and geo-targeted adverts to drive foot traffic to retail locations.


Google Ads helped to drive traffic to the Ocean Road Dairies website by positioning text and shopping ads prominently in search results.

Many of the eCommerce sales were attributed to the shopping campaigns – often leading to subscriptions for formula deliveries, further increasing customer lifetime value.


Our support with Ocean Road Dairies’ marketing strategy, including the digital marketing campaigns and bespoke website, helped to successfully launch the brand in a competitive retail market.

Now, the brand is stocked in retailers all around Australia and they have begun to expand into international markets, along with growing sales happening directly through their eCommerce website.