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Case Study

The Brief

The Glover Prize is Australia’s most prestigious award for landscape art. Each year, artists around the world submit their entries for a chance to win the $75,000 Glover Prize. An exhibition of the 42 finalists is held each year in Evandale, Tasmania. At the opening night cocktail party, the winner of the Glover Prize is announced. For the next two weeks, the exhibition is open to the public. The Glover Prize reached out to at+m in 2018 to streamline the prize’s entry and promotion processes in the digital space with a goal of reaching and engaging a new and wider audience of art lovers. Now, we work with the Glover Prize each year to promote the annual event.

The Approach


Each year, at+m refreshes the Glover Prize branding to recognise a new year of the event. With each iteration, our design team draws on Tasmania and its unique landscapes to craft a visual identity that will resonate with the heritage of the event and its target audiences.This branding is then applied across all touchpoints for the Glover Prize, including the website, social media, and EDM communications as well as traditional marketing such as signage, print advertising, event collateral, and more.

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Over the years, our team has maintained and updated the Glover Prize website to serve artists, judges, and supporters effectively. Each year, we make regular website updates including outlining important dates, announcing finalists, opening the post-event virtual exhibition, and more. A significant update made by our web team a few years ago was the implementation of an online submission process, making it easier for artists worldwide to apply. Additionally, the website was turned into an eCommerce platform, facilitating payments for artist submissions and ticket purchases for the opening night cocktail party.

Website Technologies

Social Media

at+m manages the Glover Prize’s annual social media marketing. Our approach begins with a targeted ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram, specifically designed to attract potential artists and generate entries. Once submission close, we pivot towards developing advertisements that highlight the event, captivating a wider audience and generating excitement for the upcoming event.During the first night of the exhibition opening, we host a Facebook live event, enabling users across the world can watch the winner be announced. Following this, we maintain audience engagement by running ads that feature the Glover Prize winner, as well as the Hangers Choice Winner, Children’s Choice, and People’s Choice winners. During the off-season, we maintain the Glover Prize community’s engagement by showcasing the artwork of the 42 finalists until the following year’s event. This ensures a continuous connection with the Glover Prize community throughout the year.

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Utilising Klaviyo, we leverage the Glover Prize’s database to execute EDM communications. Our efforts encompass pre-event and post-event communication, providing pertinent details to artists, judges, and Glover Prize supporters. These communications include information regarding entries, event updates, and other content leading up to the announcement of the Glover Prize winner.

The Results

Through the digital marketing strategies implemented by at+m, the Glover Prize has successfully expanded its reach and engagement, solidifying its status as Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prize. Over the past several years, the Glover Prize has experienced record-breaking numbers of artist submissions and exhibition visits, highlighting the effectiveness of these efforts in fostering increased participation and interest in the event.

2022: 534 Entries
2023: 703 Entries
2024: 740 Entries

From the Client

“The Glover committee attempted to reinvigorate our social media but due to lack of resources and not fully appreciating the power of Social Media we were not entirely successful. We approached several digital agencies to assist us and at+m stood out as they took the time to understand our problems before jumping straight to solutions. They formulated strategy with a set goals, developed the content calendar and determined the best platforms to engage with our local audience. The content was then tailored to engage with the target audience and to lift the profile of the Glover Prize. It was all extremely successful with record attendance numbers plus a huge lift in followers and interaction on our social media platforms and website.”