Work : IRIS Computing


The Challenge

IRIS Computing has been providing IT solutions to businesses and individuals across Tasmania since 1993. With a brand that has remained relatively unchanged for much of its 20+ year lifetime, IRIS approached at+m to develop a brand positioning that better reflects the business, as well as reflecting the cutting-edge and dynamic industry in which it operates.

The Strategy

at+m conducted a brand audit to better understand the strengths, weaknesses, and core values of the business, as well as the consumer behaviour of their target audience, and potential opportunities for growth. The audit drew focus towards the need to integrate IRIS’ branding across all marketing and communication channels – allowing them to find a suitable section of the market to focus their efforts onto servicing. The resulting strategy included the development of a new logo, brand positioning and brand story that would give IRIS a unique identity and allow the business to stand out from their competitors. The new logo blends the recognisability of the previous IRIS logo with several contemporary elements. The network graphic combines with the tagline ‘Connecting Solutions’  to reflect the technological services/products IRIS provides, while capturing the connectedness of the business across Tasmania, and positioning IRIS as not only trustworthy and experienced, but also as sleek and modern.

The Impact

The revamped IRIS branding has been rolled out into both traditional and digital media, with the new branding aligning a new website, signage, and other marketing collateral with consistency. The result of this is a brand that is recognisable, meaningful, and overall reflective of the values of IRIS Computing.  

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our re-branding, the assistance you gave us to gain clarity on how to develop an integrated marketing strategy focusing on targeting new business was first class.”

- Rod Backhouse, IRIS Managing Director