Work : Health Care Insurance

Live The NOW!

The Challenge

Health Care Insurance (HCI) approached at+m to assist them with increasing their members. The aim of the marketing strategy has been to attract more members between the ages of 23 – 35 (who do not currently think they need health insurance). The key to attracting this age demographic is through increased brand awareness and communicating with them through a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies.

The Strategy

As the target audience is actively seeking out information on new products and services online, an important part of our strategy has been to ensure HCI can reach them. Our aim was to make more people aware of the HCI brand and broaden their market to Launceston, Hobart and Victoria. It has been important that HCI engage with their target market on a personal level to prove that they understand them. Using the core message “Live the now” this formed the basis of a targeted digital strategy which included Google AdWords, a campaign landing page on their website, Social Media and targeted online banner advertising. The campaign landing page has allowed us to track and measure the traffic and ultimately the campaign’s success. The digital campaign has also been supported through radio, television and point of sale strategies.

The Impact

Since the campaign’s inaugural launch on 16 August, 2016, HCI have been experiencing a continued 9% growth rate, with a particular spike in memberships from Tasmania and Victoria in their desired target market. Since at+m created their social media pages, their Facebook fan base has grown over 300%, and is still growing rapidly. Using a variety of Social Media Advertising campaigns, this has allowed brand awareness to be achieved and conversions through to the website. Overall HCI are extremely happy with the success of the campaign and the cost effectiveness of the online advertising strategies.  

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