Work : Lost Pippin

Brand Activation

The Challenge

At the beginning of the great Australian cider movement, hidden in the Huon Valley, a lazy apple orchard slept as the fruits rich in flavour and tradition of the famous Tassie apple grew the spirit of Lost Pippin. Or something like that.

The Strategy

What’s in a name? Provenance. The brand was built from the soil the orchard was sewn. Each apple loved and respected. Hand-picked and crafted into unique artisan ciders. The passion and commitment to the craft of producing the perfect cider required an image that deserved the same in return. The range comes in 3 varieties, Sparkling, Still and Perry (that’s “pear” for the uninitiated).

The Impact

From humble origins Lost Pippin a boutique 100% Tasmanian cider has grown into distributing across Australia in speciality cider lover retail shops in under 5 years. It has become recognised as one of Tasmania’s great exports.

Brand Activation

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