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Mania Brand Creation

The Challenge

at+m recognised the importance of understanding the needs of a shifting, complex market environment and to providing insightful, compelling and engaging communication at the highest level. In turn we wanted a brand that reflected a mind set that was strategically sound, representing the needs of Tasmanian brands and businesses.

The Strategy

It’s why we became Tassie specialists. And Why we named the our new brand MANIA . We love Tassie. It’s a state of mind. And it’s that passion for success that we exist for brands that are looking for effective, cut through advertising campaigns, with strategic and clever ‘out of the triangle’ thinking, and have a lot of fun a long the way.

The Impact

It has shed a light on the industry, and our clients, opening doors to new brands both local and abroad. As an integrated business the creative offer is countless providing a seamless and efficient process. Sales are up and spirits are high.

Concept, logo, brochure. web, TVC.

Mania Brand Creation
Mania Brand Creation