Work : Blundstone

Well Travelled Footwear


The Challenge

The Blundstone catalogue historically simply showcased their range of shoes not really in keeping with the brand strategy or current campaign. This provided a tactical excuse to re-introduce the essence and culture typical of the Blundstone heritage through a seamless communication.

The Strategy

Given that Blundstone are as definably Australian as the red soil they leave their very impression upon, inspired creating a thought to reaffirm the self respecting Blundstone heritage beyond that of just an individual catalogue. It can be used as point of sale tool and a silent salesman, within a much larger thought and idea. One that could be used as a brand positioning, as much as a brochure concept.

Showcasing the range but also the personality of the people behind or wearing the boot. From a jilaroo, to a Tuna fisherman. The shoes have patina and charm and are literally worn out all over Australia.

The Impact

The idea was universally applauded by Blundstone for capturing the true spirit, extending the concept throughout Australia and NZ.

Concept, Catalogue, POS, Poster. Press ads.