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Rethinking Small Business Marketing Strategies For a Post-COVID World

Social distancing restrictions are easing up, lockdowns are becoming less frequent and extensive, and vaccines are about to start rolling out across Australia. While we’re starting to see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, now it’s time for small businesses to take on a new challenge: adjusting your marketing strategies for what we’re all referring to as the “new normal.”

The pandemic has not only changed how people go about their daily lives and what people value, but it’s also changed what consumers expect from small businesses. In order to succeed in a post-COVID world, here are some insights into what small business owners should focus on throughout the rest of the year – and beyond.

Get more social on social

Engage with users like her who are consistently active on social media

Consumers are craving connections and using social media more than ever before, putting an emphasis on social media marketing in 2021. When you have a strong social media presence, you are able to form deeper connections with your audiences. From new platforms to post on including TikTok to platform updates like Instagram’s shop tab, social media also continues to be a powerful sales tool for small businesses to take advantage of this year.

60% of business owners surveyed are focussing on social media marketing this year, and 42% of business owners are increasing their spending on social media marketing.

SmartCompany’s Reader Survey

In order to stay in pace or get ahead of your competitors in 2021, we recommend putting a larger emphasis on your social strategies with the following tips:

  • Connect emotionally with followers by asking questions or opinions and responding to comments
  • Increase your focus on video content and shareable, save-able content
  • Stay as consistent as possible
  • Embrace new channels, features, and ad platforms

Optimise eCommerce website experiences

Enhance user experience to increase the chances of online shoppers converting

We all knew that online shops would eventually dominate over their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but no one could have predicted how quickly this has begun.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift from physical stores to e-Commerce by 5 years.

IBM’s U.S. Retail Index

While many small businesses without eCommerce websites quickly recognised the need for one during the pandemic, many websites went live as a placeholder until their stores could reopen. With e-Commerce now booming post coronavirus, these sites should be further developed to succeed in a world where online shopping has become the new norm. Here’s a couple things your small business should focus on when it comes to e-Commerce websites:

  • Find creative ways to market your products online, or create new online offerings for added revenue to your business
  • Optimise your current e-Commerce website
    • Organise your products to enhance user experience
    • Make sure your check out experience is as simple as possible
    • Write full, keyword-rich content and product descriptions
    • Utilise automated e-Commerce emails

Let tech drive your business

Host your yoga classes from anywhere in the world, for customers anywhere in the world

Zoom call after Zoom call, people across the globe have gotten more used to technology in their everyday lives. This widespread adoption of digital experiences expands past just online shopping – consumers are now craving online experiences with your brand, from online consultations to virtual events.

28% of business owners plan to invest in cloud software to offer these types of digital-based services to their consumers.

SmartCompany Readers’ Survey

For example, dietitians are jumping online to conduct cooking demonstrations, law offices are offering online appointments, and fitness brands are offering online workouts. The adoption of this software allows your company to not only keep up with the new trends but also expand your reach and market to audiences beyond locals.

What we can do for your small business

With 63% of small businesses focusing on growth in 2021 (SmartCompany Readers’ Survey), re-evaluating your marketing strategy should be first on the agenda. An engagement-centered social strategy, optimised eCommerce website, and new tech-driven services might be the right way for you to succeed in our new normal – and the team at at+m marketing can help get you there. For advice on how to propel your small business in 2021 and help bringing forward-thinking marketing projects to fruition, let’s chat.