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Brand Positioning & Identity

The Challenge

The National Disability Scheme introduced in 2013 changed the Not-For-Profit landscape forever, allowing people the ability to manage and choose where, which and what service provider they preferred. It created a dire need for a competitive share of voice and market penetration to own and develop their very own corporate personality and identity.

The Strategy

Having developed a thorough understanding of the complex and sensitive nature of the services and history StGiles provides for mainly children with various levels of disabilities, we created a new corporate identity and complete suite of communication tools based around our initial positioning, ‘we see the ability within.’
Our strategy and brand development set the tone  attributing St Giles rich history over 76 years of recognising individuals, their personalities and their strengths equally treating people with the dignity and respect we all richly deserve.

The Impact

StGiles has a fantastic reputation rehabilitating, nuturing and caring for individuals. Their new image and home, ($7 million construction of a new facility) has undergone some rehabilitation itself, retaining their pioneering vision and fundamental essence whilst affirming a professional approach befitting their group, their people and their commitment and pursuit of excellence. Whilst having a good ol’ time along the way. Excellent ingredients for a new professional, thoughtful and first class culture.

 "By undertaking a Brand Audit, being prepared to engage with our staff and being willing to listen, the team at at+m displayed an extraordinary desire to get to know us first before developing the appropriate strategy."
Ian Wright
Chief Executive Officer

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