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Victoria’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic

The Brief

Victoria’s was struggling to attract customers for their more premium services, and needed a brand refresh to take their focus away from ‘beauty’ treatments towards more intensive ‘medical’ grade cosmetic treatments.

We started by conducting a brand audit, consisting of external market research and an internal analysis with the client. After mapping out the strengths and weaknesses of the business, we realised that there were two main issues, one with brand identity, and one with the performance of digital marketing. The brand identity falsely positioned Victoria’s as a beauty salon rather than a cosmetic medical clinic, and the website and social media were failing to deliver results.

The Approach

After the brand audit, our first course of action for Victoria’s was to increase and improve their social media presence, and begin planning to build a new website.

The new social media strategy reinforced the new branding through primarily promoting the ‘medical’ grade treatments, with a focus on pushing followers towards making online bookings or fulfilling website lead capture goals.

Ease of use and conversion rate optimisation were our chief concerns when developing the new website, along with lining up with the new brand identity. After careful planning, we began developing the new website, which consisted of detailed treatment information pages for each treatment offered in the clinic, as well as overhauling the existing eCommerce functionality to sell the Victoria’s range of skincare products.

While the Victoria’s website had previously offered eCommerce for their skincare products, it was outdated and failing to convert customers. When we developed the new eCommerce section of the site, we had to consider many factors which affect web users’ decision to make an online purchase.

The first thing to consider was what the potential customers saw when they opened the shop. Our creative team had already been involved to get the site looking clean and polished, but the product images also needed to be updated, which was done through a combination of product photography and digital renders, creating beautiful product images which clearly showed the products to potential buyers.

We combated the issue of conversion using marketing automation and remarketing techniques, including abandoned cart follow-ups, ensuring customers considering a purchase would be reminded to follow through.

Once we had the functionality set up, we had to get interested buyers looking at the website, which involved a combined approach of Google Ads, social media advertising, and best practice eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which you can read more about in our blog, How To Increase Online Sales with eCommerce SEO.

After setting up the eCommerce side of the website, we began the process of content development for the remaining pages, which was also backed up by SEO best practice. Keyword research and authoring of SEO Page Titles and Meta-Descriptions ensured Victoria’s would have optimal branded visibility in Google search engine results pages (SERPs).

Following the launch of the website, we set up detailed marketing automation to follow up leads captured by the download of lead capture eBooks and newsletter subscriptions.

The Results

The new Victoria’s marketing strategy was a resounding success. The use of social media advertising along with the eNewsletter and marketing automation drove a large amount of website traffic, of which customers were 51% more likely to complete conversion goals due to the newly optimised website.

The new look and feel of the website successfully solved the brand identity problem, while the overall results of digital marketing significantly improved – with an increase in online bookings of up to 100% during the first few months of the website’s launch, and increased sales of a yearly promotion run by the clinic, which improved by 40% compared to the previous year’s sales.

You can visit the newly improved Victorias website here: