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St Giles Website

The Brief

Having developed St Giles’ previous website in 2014 to support the organisation’s adoption of NDIS disability services, St Giles returned to us for the development of a new website in 2019, when they felt they had outgrown their previous site.

Where the last website was launched to support St Giles being able to provide disability services to a greater number of people in the community through the newly introduced National Disability Insurance Scheme, the new website had to encourage people to choose St Giles in a market with many established NDIS disability providers.

This meant the new site had to take a more conversion-oriented focus than the previous site, which had been intended to thoroughly educate new NDIS participants on the full range of services St Giles could provide.

The Approach

Our aim when developing the new St Giles website was to have a resource which preserved all of the useful information contained within the old website, while also greatly simplifying the online conversion process to make it easier for people to access St Giles’ disability services.

To support a simplified process for people to access St Giles’ NDIS services, we developed a list of St Giles’ 6 steps to get started – based on the experience of St Giles staff in handling newly-joined NDIS participants as they helped them to access disability services. This was implemented as both a web page hosted on the site as well as a downloadable PDF – each which encouraged readers to contact St Giles at any point for assistance or to progress to the next stage.

Along with the 6 Steps to Get Started, the new website was built with a completely refreshed, contemporary new look – which tells the St Giles brand story while providing accessibility options for potential clients who may need them.

The Results

The new St Giles website preserved all of the useful information praised from the previous iteration, with a refreshed look and structure which allows much more simplified access to St Giles’ complex range of disability services. St Giles noticed a significant increase in enquiries after the launch of the new site – showing the success of the conversion-oriented focus.

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"StGiles wanted to hold on to our history and values while creating an NDIS customer friendly and easy to navigate website.

"Our long relationship with the team at AT&M meant they understood where we came from and where we needed to go.

"We feel our new website visually tells our story while creating easy customer access to our complex range of services"