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St Giles Rebrand

The Brief

Established in 1937, St Giles Tasmania is a Not-For-Profit disability services provider, providing support for thousands of Tasmanians of all ages and abilities.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) introduced in 2013 changed the Not-For-Profit landscape forever, allowing people the ability to manage and choose where, which and what service provider they preferred.

This created an unprecedented opportunity for St Giles to position themselves as a market leader for providing NDIS disability services; in turn allowing them to provide more support and inclusivity for people of all abilities in the community than ever would have been possible without embracing the NDIS.

This opportunity created a dire need for St Giles to develop a corporate personality and identity through a brand which clearly communicated their deep underlying values and complex service offering.

The Approach

The first step to develop a brand strategy for St Giles was a Brand Audit. Through this process, we developed a thorough understanding of the complex and sensitive nature of the organisation and its history of providing service, support, and inclusivity for Tasmanians living with various levels of disability.

Recognising St Giles’ role of bringing people of all abilities into the community, we created a new corporate identity and complete suite of communication tools based on the positioning: ‘we see the ability within’

Our strategy and brand development set the tone, communicating St Giles’ values and rich history over 76 years of recognising individuals, their personalities and their strengths.

Included in our communication strategy was the development of a new website to bolster St Giles’ online presence. The website was built with the intention of educating people in the community on the complex range of services offered by St Giles through the NDIS, creating an online resource for individuals or their carers seeking assistance.

The Results

StGiles has a fantastic reputation for rehabilitating, nurturing and caring for individuals. Embracing the NDIS with a competitive market position allowed them to take this reputation to become an authority and local leader in the provision of NDIS disability services.

Their new image and home, ($7 million construction of a new facility) has undergone some rehabilitation itself, retaining their pioneering vision and fundamental essence whilst affirming a professional approach befitting their group, their people and their commitment and pursuit of excellence.

The new website allowed St Giles’ to have a wealth of information available to the community at all times, increasing individuals’ and their carers’ understanding of the NDIS and making it easier for them to start accessing support services through St Giles.

They just had to see the ability within.

"By undertaking a Brand Audit, being prepared to engage with our staff and being willing to listen, the team at at+m displayed an extraordinary desire to get to know us first before developing the appropriate strategy."