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Catholic Education Tasmania

The Brief

As the overarching body operating 38 schools and colleges across Tasmania, Catholic Education Tasmania needed to increase its online presence so as to ensure that the organisation is findable within the increasingly competitive digital landscape. With its primary function as that of a referral source for those 38 schools state-wide, the principal conversion goal of our campaign was driving qualified traffic to the websites/email addresses of specific local schools.

The Approach

Working with a limited budget, we needed to ensure that our advertising spend was being used as efficiently as possible. Accordingly, we used an integration of outbound and inbound marketing strategies to meet the brief. While social media advertisements delivered key messaging to our target audience to build awareness, Google Ads worked to drive impressions and website traffic when a relevant Google Search occurred - and thus consumer intent was expressed.

Facebook Ad Desktop
Facebook Ad (Desktop)
Facebook Ad Mobile
Facebook Ad (Mobile)
Google Ad
Google Ad

The Results

These campaigns had an overall positive effect on the performance of the organisation’s website in terms of achieving its key marketing goals. 55% of all website conversions were attributed to either Social Media or Google Ads, despite only accounting for 23% of all website traffic. This represents the quality of traffic sent to the website via these channels, with an aggregate conversion rate of 8.87%. This is 193.7% higher than that website average of 3.02%.