About Us

The Company

High stakes

As you know, marketing is a high-stakes competition in which your strategy, messages and media must work tightly together. If your ads say one thing and your website something else, your message gets muddied. And if you get into the social media jungle without a clear map, it could do more harm than good. The same goes for all your marketing

Focused Unity

We're here to help you integrate all elements into a focused unity, making sure they support each other to maximise your marketing impact and results. Your objectives become ours. Working closely with you as part of your team, we're your kind of people, here to ensure you get the right results for all the right reasons.

Your local

As a boutique, local, privately owned ad agency, with over 30 years experience, our positioning is unique, because we walk like a sophisticated multi-national, but talk like your neighbour. It’s the best of both worlds, where our clients don’t have to compromise on creativity for world-class expertise.

Strategic Marketing

You need to have a plan if you want to succeed

Our team are experts in strategies for generating greater returns on investment. With the increased competition in the marketplace, we partner with you to provide your business with the plan to create positive results.

We develop successful marketing strategies through research, planning, controlled implementation and regular reviews to ensure your message keeps on track.


Cut-through ads designed to get results

That's so obvious, you probably wonder what we're on about. But how much advertising really does its job?

Too many commercials, for instance, are interchangeable in their categories. Why else are so many people muting the breaks or dodging them? It's the equivalent of flicking past print ads or binning mailings without even looking at them.

Branding and benefits are buried in showy executions designed for showreels and award submissions, not making your prospects buy.

We have established a creative flagship called MANIA, for brands that are looking for effective, cut through campaigns and clever 'out of the triangle' thinking.


Design that sells, doesn't just show off

You'll find our creative team has a passion for results.

This means their creativity is completely focused on your marketing needs and how to best translate them into powerful, persuasive combinations of design and message.

Our designers and copywriters work closely together to ensure this by fully understanding:

  • Your brand positioning and what sets it apart
  • Your marketing planning, immediate and long-term
  • Your specific offering and what makes it special
  • Your total marketing thrust to ensure each new piece of creative is aligned with your total, integrated strategy


Making sure your website pays its way

Correctly designed and written, your website is a powerful, worldwide shopfront that positions you as a serious player in your market, one with real brand presence.

Your website's branding and positioning must reflect your corporate values in a way that is integrated with your overall marketing strategies.

We will ensure it fully supports and complements your brand positioning while clearly communicating what makes your offering special.

Our web development team will manage your website from concept to completion and ongoing support.

No matter how simple or complex your website needs, we will provide a solution that is appealing, clear, crisp, easy to navigate: a powerful marketing tool working for you around the clock, around the world.


The power of print is alive and well

With so much focus on electronic marketing and 'new' media, print seems to have taken a back seat. But in the real world, it still has a big role to play.

Your business will inevitably need business cards, advertising brochures, direct marketing pieces and promotional items.

Printed items are real in every sense. They enable each prospect to physically hold your  message, consider it, act on it — calling you when they're ready.

We make sure your print material is seamlessly integrated with your brand positioning and product or service. And that it's designed to get out there and sell for you.


Local insights from a national agency

Our dedicated media team will source all booking and publication information, then negotiate the best price and position possible. We will assist you with making the right media decisions for your business and, where appropriate, include an integrated mix of platforms and channels from the new media environment.