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at+m integrated marketing becomes at+m marketing

You may have noticed our fancy new website. Or maybe our shiny new logo? But why would we change these things?

We saw changes in the marketplace in which we operate, and saw fit to change our own brand image.

at+m marketing, in one way or another, has been serving Tasmanian and national clients for over 35 years. Our brand story has had many changes over the years, but many things have stayed the same as day one.

As with any story, a brand story has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is where you were, the end is where you want to be, and the middle is how you get there. It’s important to always have an end goal in mind; when you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

The Beginning.

Our story started in 1981. Our founders Julie and David Peck started SprintaPrint. It all started as a commercial printing operation. The focus was to provide outstanding quality and personalised service, leading us to become one of the largest print production operations in Tasmania.

Back to where it all began…

Though Julie and David’s business became a trailblazer in the printing industry, they knew the secret to success was to provide more. Thus a design studio was established. SprintaPrint became the go-to agency for everything from creative concepts through to finished print.

And then, in 2002 we noticed that many of our design and printing clients were interested in other forms of advertising. Never one to shy away from a challenge, we merged with local advertising agency Andrews, Thomas & Mallinson (AT&M). Combining our expertise in design and print, along with AT&M’s expertise in advertising, we were able to provide a full suite of marketing services to all of our clients.

As true today as it was then, our focus has always been our clients’ success.

Operating under the same roof as SprintaPrint for a time, our two brands eventually combined and became the AT&M Group.

SprintaPrint and AT&M Advertising merged to form the AT&M Group, which was a very successful alliance for both brands.

The Middle.

It’s the early 2000s. Businesses are evolving. Marketing is no longer focussed solely on print and traditional media. Coming back to our founders’ philosophy to always provide more, we started a website development division, which quickly became the hero of the business.

AT&M Group became at+m integrated marketing in 2010, showing our new focus on providing integrated marketing services, combining digital, and traditional advertising.

Website development and digital marketing drove our success during the 2000s and onwards, with the 2010s being a period of profound change in the advertising industry. Digital marketing channels, such as social media advertising, Google advertising, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) began to not only supplement traditional advertisements, but often superseded them.

And we rebranded again, using contemporary colours and simple typography.

Our focus took to these new digital channels, which we saw as a method of advertising investment for our clients which was more accountable than traditional methods. We could look into the back-end of a digital ad and report just exactly how many potential customers saw it, and who engaged, taking an action as a result of the ad. This level of performance reporting just wasn’t possible for TV or radio advertisements, which are difficult to attribute directly to KPIs or marketing goals.

Our ‘New‘ New Brand

Now we push forward into 2020. A world of marketing lead by technology. A global marketplace, where small businesses compete with large international companies. A solid brand is more important, and must be more compelling, than ever before.

Thus the need for a rebrand. The new AT+M brand is dynamic and modern. It keeps up with modern design aesthetics, and carries powerful symbolic meaning.

The use of colour and contemporary typography makes a brand that engages, and reflects the marketing movement to digital.

The ‘+’ symbol reflects energy, positivity, and our endless desire to provide more. It speaks to the components we combine to deliver the most complete marketing strategy for ourselves and our clients; We bring together creative + content + craft.

The End.

The funny thing about the end of our brand story is that we may never get there. Julie and David’s philosophy to always provide more ensures our idea of success is everchanging. But there is always an end goal in mind. Something to aspire to. As we’ve said before, when you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.

Maybe we will get to where we wanted to be 5 years ago, but as the world changes around us at all times, so too do our goals of where we see ourselves.

We started as a commercial printing operation. Eventually, we saw the opportunity to expand, offering creative design under the same roof. And again, we responded to our clients’ needs by offering advertising services. Then it was websites. Today, we offer a bespoke range of traditional and digital marketing services, including marketing & brand strategy, website design and development, social media advertising, and more. But our focus has never changed.

We never wanted a revolutionary change. So we took an evolutionary approach, ensuring our brand identity remained tied to the one thing which is the most important to us: Our strong reputation of providing quality marketing services to Tasmanian and national clients, as has been our focus for over 35 years.

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