at+m's Google Partner Event Wrap Up

at+m's Google Partner Event Wrap Up

On the 20th of October, at+m’s Google Partners Connect Event brought  business owners and digital professionals together under one roof with the goal of offering quality strategy and support for their businesses and websites.  Featuring keynote speakers from Google HQ, this sponsored event gave us a chance to share with you some of the best practice knowledge we’ve gained from being an accredited Google Partnered Agency. 

So now that the livestream has ended and the sandwich platters have been picked clean, we’ve decided to recap on some of the key outcomes of the day.

The Rise of the Smartphone

“Smartphone traffic far outweighs traditional desktop searches”. This was a key theme in the presentation from the Head of Google Marketing for Australia and New Zealand, Lucinda Barlow. With the rise of the smartphone and high speed NBN and 4G networks, users are turning to their mobile devices more than ever before - to research a product, validate their purchases or to know how to accomplish a task – usually while right in the middle of it.

Micro Moments Matter

Lucinda also spoke about identifying the key moments that lead users to your product or service, and ensuring that the relevant information is right there when users need it most. By tailoring your content in this way, you can become a guiding force – long before the user themselves have decided on a brand or provider. Structuring your online experience around these key behaviours however is only half of the battle, you also have to ensure ease of access and navigation. Having excellent product information or service details are one step, but your audience will turn elsewhere if they can’t find it.

Google AdWords

One of the most valuable pieces of advice for business owners came during Duncan McGrath’s presentation. Duncan is a Google Ads Product Specialist and he shared his insight into developing a google AdWords strategy. He explained how a well-targeted AdWords campaign not only increase your brand’s online visibility, but also can generate site traffic that is genuinely interested in your product or service and therefore are more likely to convert. Duncan went on to show that unlike traditional marketing channels, your online strategy can be measured through analytics and conversion reporting to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and your return on investment.  

Couldn’t make it to the Partner’s Connect Event? Want more information on what was discussed? Or perhaps you did attend but didn’t get to ask that burning question. at+m would be happy to share some of the resources and insight that were made available on the day, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, or send your enquiries direct to us at