The Rise of Online Video

The Rise of Online Video

In 2015, it would be an extraordinary feat to find someone who hasn’t seen a YouTube video, or at least heard of the mega-empire, and businesses are latching onto the phenomenon. The reach of online video is growing at an immeasurable rate, and the commanding statistics of the effectiveness of video marketing in an integrated marketing strategy is evident. Here is a look into online video marketing versus traditional advertising media: 

Customer Engagement

YouTube enables consumers to interact and engage with the brand like never before. Like a virtual community, people can subscribe, like and comment on videos, and create a sense of belonging between customers and the brand. While neither avenue guarantees consumer engagement, the use of online video is a helpful tool in creating a relationship with your clients.

Unbeatable Access

The easy access of online videos is a large drawcard for both brands and consumers. Unlike traditional marketing, like television or newspaper, online videos can be watched on an array of devices including desktop, tablet and mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

Cost Effectiveness

In particular, television commercials are notorious for the insane prices they demand, and while implementing television to your campaign can be effective, it is temporary. You pay for a certain timeframe for the advertisement to air, and then it disappears (unless more is paid). In contrast, videos can vary significantly in price, and can be created based on the business’ budget and once uploaded on the world wide web - it is there forever and doesn’t require an ongoing fee to keep it there.   

Remarkable Reach

Traditional advertising is effective and that’s proven, but what we do know is that it only targets a local audience. Take newspaper or radio advertising for example, both types of advertising are designed to reach the local community, then it stops there. There is an untapped target market outside of just a business’ surrounding area, and that’s where online videos and digital advertising come in. The unique nature of online videos means that they can be quickly and cheaply blasted across social networks and websites with the click of a button, and reached by people across the globe. 

There’s no doubt about it, consumers are jumping from traditional advertising to the online landscape, and to remain competitive businesses need to do the same. Based on the rapid growth of this medium, it’s clear that marketers are seeing the great value in online advertising and embracing an integrated marketing campaign.