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Brand Development

The Challenge

A dire recent ‘State of Launceston’s Children Report’ revealed that unacceptably a third of children living in Launceston Tamar Valley are starved of the fundamental elements that lead to a positive adult life. It begs to ask, ‘what can the community do to provide more hope and opportunity for all of our children in the community and end a generational calamity of unrealised potential. To create change. Move public opinion, be passionate, optimistic and hone positive outcomes.

The Strategy

With that in mind we created an engaging and very emotional brand essence and identity including logo and positioning, online/digital strategy and advertising campaign that we aptly named Community it. A forward thinking Anglicare initiative aimed at engaging all pillars of the community to work together to provide insightful solutions, ideas and thoughts. Helping each other, help each other. Creating a cycle of success with the premise: It changes, It moves, It can, It will.

A key driver and the first of the community initiatives developed under the Community it. umbrella is called Every Child Succeeds. This program recognises the significant transitions in childhood development and helps them negotiate life obstacles. We further developed the brand image and suite of communication tools in keeping with the Community it. family and tone, including several short film docos, a range of photography, website, posters and press ads and a comprehensive brand style guide.

The Impact

Following a very encouraging media launch, new to market, the branding and overall concept has proved incredibly successful, already moving community leaders, changing public perception, willing more people, creating discussion, giving our kids a voice and importantly an optimistic future.

Community it Website

Every child succeeds - a big initiative of Community it.


Brand Development
Brand Development