Work : Health Care Insurance

Campaign Development

The Challenge

A recent review on the best value health insurance in Australia, has proved bigger is not always better. A Tasmanian based health fund, initially established some 75 years ago Health Care Insurance (HCI) is competing at a national level. According to leading financial magazine, The Financial Review Smart Investor, HCI's Premier Package is ranked as one of the best health care insurance funds in the country, ahead of some of the big health care insurance providers.

The Strategy

Understanding that they were different than the bigger institutions ment that they have a more intimate or closer relationship with their members. We knew they could say something more affectionate. Three little words meant so much and none more assuring than knowing when it comes to choosing private health insurance, you have the support of those you can trust like 'Peace of mind'.

We developed a fully integrated campaign built around Three Little Words and created a more intimate, personal brand positioning, That's my HCI.

The campaign extended throughout environmental signage advertising, direct mail, website and online media strategy, and it got a community saying those special three words. 

The Impact

New to market, the campaign re-invented HCI increasing brand awareness, building national appeal, injecting far needed emotion and warmth into a somewhat wet fish industry, revitalising and capturing the imagination, hearts and minds of new, loyal customers in favor of larger healthcare insurance providers.