Work : Cripps

Brand Development

The Challenge

Cripps had developed a new bread with more exotic and local ingredients, fit for a far more discerning customer, in addition to their already popular Masters and Eliza's Little Loaves range, in homage to William Cripps. Husband to Eliza. And the name sake of the Cripps brand. The new range required a compelling positioning driven by identifying market share opportunities and consumer insights, which resulted in a fitting image, including packaging and logo design full of appetite appeal.

The Strategy

As brand specialists we engaged in extensive research and focus groups to develop a clear compelling image found in the story telling of William's rich and colourful history.

In every way, his legacy continues to flourish with modern and up-to-the moment relevant ingredients that appeals with todays values and needs.

It beckons, with such history, provenance and excellence, infused with all of todays available resources, that the bread, is not simply bread. But in fact, much, much more. That it is truly in every way, "Pure Bred Tasmanian."

Whilst William himself may not have been born in Tasmania. His legacy unashamedly does, as a beautiful Tassie story 170 years in the making. This has resulted in cut through packaging and a clever positioning line 'Bred for Taste' that too inspired a dramatic television commercial.

The Impact

New to market, the brand and packaging has already proved incredibly successful. Impressing supermarkets to stock their shelves in favour over established brands and has revitalised and captured the imagination, hearts and appetites of new, loyal customers.