Work : Tasmanian Flour Mills

Television & Online Campaign

The Challenge

Four Roses Flour has been a Tasmanian icon for over 100 years however flour sales have been declining for generations as the tradition of baking becomes more and more a thing of the past.

The Strategy

What we realised was that baking meant more to people than purely making a cake. The special ingredient were the memories learning recipes and spending time with Nan or mum as a kid. Licking the spoon. We realised there was a far greater special ingredient that went into every cake, scone, or pastry. That whether they new it at the time but those lessons watching and listening shaped our very natures of who we are today. And perhaps why we love Nans cook book so much. If there is one thing we love more than eating a cake that’s sharing it. The campaign is all about sharing right down to sharing photos of your baking and recipes on social media driving people to the web site and further engaging initiatives.

The Impact

In effect the message is more about encouraging time with your kids and one of the best times is whilst you’re baking. Four Roses Flour has seen the inside of many many generations of pantries and in twenty more years when little Anna starts to cook herself I wonder which flour she’ll put in her pantry?

Television & Online Campaign
Television & Online Campaign