Work : Riverstone Olives

Rebrand - Packaging

The Challenge

Riverstone Olives approached at+m for a brand refresh to re-position themselves as a high end premium olive oil in the market place. The packaging needed to stand out amongst competitors and portray a unique story that would set Riverstone apart on shop shelves.

The Strategy

The name ‘Riverstone’ is unique in itself however the real story for these olives is where they originate from. Grown on the rich riverbanks of the Cygnet River, Tasmania, it is here these olives develop a unique taste of their own. Drawing upon this story we developed the imagery in which riverstones literally transform on the packaging into olives.

The Impact

A premium range of olive oils that will stand the test of time and immediately tell a story in a single glance. Another great Tasmanian product.

Rebrand - Packaging