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Brand Activation

The Challenge

Originally an engineering business that over 40 years had evolved to include surveying, engineering and architecture. Formally Bullocks Consulting, they now required an image and a business name that was all encompassing, representing the 3 divisions equally and set the benchmark for their future profile.

The Strategy

The 3 directors all agreed that their business was known for its problem solving and creative thinking and their business name needed to reflect the seamless nature of offering all those services under one roof. A common denominator occurred to us, in an equilateral triangle, the strongest of all geometric shapes comprises 3 x 60 degrees corners. 3 directors, 3 divisions. The 60 degrees parallel also by chance is just below Tasmania, (Also the shape of a Triangle). It runs unimpaired by land around the world between Antarctica and Tasmania. The logo was designed to show off their creativity, be bold in their thinking and young at heart.

The Impact

The 6ty° story has created a positive 180 degree effect on the brand profile, exciting team members and raising eyebrows with existing clients and potential customers. Like any building  they have the foundations to a solid future.

 "at+m evolved not only the brand but our team's approach to our brand and our future. The process for us was an awakening one and a successful one that now provides a strong platform for the business and its staff to move forward with confidence."

Joel Wallace
CEO 6ty°
Measured Form and Function

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Brand Activation

A positive 180 degree effect