Enjoy The Game Not The Bet

The Challenge

This initiative was to highlight and create a more responsible attitude of sports betting that suggested alternative behaviour between sports and betting both at a personal, community and family level. A campaign that you would expect from a concerned Government rivalling the big sports betting institutions.

The Strategy

Research suggested that there is an ever increasing ‘normalisation’ of associating betting with sport. That betting institutions would have you believe it adds a heightened sense of excitement and team loyalty to the game.

The Impact

The campaign highlights pros and cons of betting in sport. With a wry smile with both gamblers and community-minded parents of children, perhaps potentially accepting of the new norm.

We have created ‘to the point’ valid messages that reference the serious nature of a perceived epidemic and new generation of problem gamblers.

That said, it is encouraging to know that initiatives like these exists. We would not bet on our children’s futures. Nor would we bet on a campaign that didn’t provide a solution.

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