Work : Tas Gas

New Website Build

The Challenge

Tas Gas was now considered a respected brand. They had warmed the hearts of Tasmanians and established themselves as quality providers of an essential utility. What remained was to create a website that reflected that image and provided a seamless user experience.

The Strategy

The development of the new web site wasn’t left to interpretation. Kept in keeping with today’s digital trends of a flat level design interface, with clear objectives and little fuss, intergrating the new brand positioning look and feel, it needed to remain clear and to the point across various platforms. etc. Tablet, phone, laptop. The success of the ‘Gastronomist’ campaigns retains the familiarity throughout the network, however it’s the insight into the customers needs to help them navigate, connect, ask questions, check accounts etc that is the key to engage longer and stay in touch. It’s just one more clever benefit and advantage to connect to gas.

The Impact

Newly launched the website has already generated significant traffic and user interaction. 

Concept, Web developement and design.

Tas Gas Website

New Website Build

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