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Enrolment Campaign

The Challenge

Following the success of the ‘Above all’ campaign we created last year the challenge remained to stay ahead of the game, be front of mind and increase student enrolments, both locally and nationally.

The Strategy

Having had the advantage and experience of understanding the College far better this year, we were able to not only expand on the existing campaign but look far deeper into the values of the school and explore a greater proposition.

One that not many schools in Australia can claim. We understood the College provided and endorses individualism and pride. It encourages broad thinking and inspires creativity. It’s simply, ‘Like nothing you’ve ever seen’. With that in mind we developed a campaign around that very idea. That the school is one of a kind and the students, everyday learn something new. The difference is that the students understand that. They agree. And the advertising reflected that. Confident, happy kids from various levels telling their stories. 

The campaign’s out of the box thinking expanded into reaching a more discerning audience with a tactical digital media strategy driving potential customers to a unique micro site providing insights and a call to action. Stay Curious.

The Impact

The campaign was newly launched to great effect. In fact the levels of interest have been coincidently, “like nothing you’ve ever seen”
We will know more shortly. Stay Curious.

Concept, Press, online digital advertising banners, billboards, bus backs, brochures and direct mail. web microsite.

Enrolment Campaign

Like nothing you've ever seen