Do you ever wonder why you are constantly exposed to the same users or brands on your social media sites? Or how Facebook somehow knows exactly what you like or who your closest friends are? Well, let’s just say Facebook is watching you and watching you closely!

When Facebook business first began, it was effectively a free communication platform (those were the days). But unfortunately, times have changed and our Facebook posts are no longer having the impact they once did.

Question: Why?

Answer: Those damn Social Media algorithms!

Facebook’s algorithms have changed the nature of Social Media Marketing forever. The sole point of Facebook is to increase “user experience” and thus the consumer is king! On average, each post from a Facebook page will only reach between 1 – 2% of users organically. 

Here are the six factors influencing whether your post reaches any particular user’s news feed or not:


In addition, as Facebook is constantly analysing your every like, share, comment or stalk, if they don’t believe your post will receive good engagement, they will cut it off within the first few views. This leaves “reach” at an all-time low (reach = how many news feeds a post arrives in).  Just check your social media analytics, found under “insights” in Facebook Business Manager. 

Unfortunately (but fortunately for the consumer), Facebook will generally give preference to posts from family and friends, leaving very little room for businesses to reach fans organically. So this leads us to the first piece of the puzzle…

We have to start paying for reach! 

Facebook now wants us to “pay for reach” now. Therefore, we must allocate budget to Social Media Advertising, particularly for Facebook ads. Some businesses are blessed to be operating in an industry that already has a strong online community awaiting them. However, other businesses might need to work a bit harder.

AND… as Facebook has been busy watching users’ every move, this offers each Social Media Manager the customised ability to communicate directly to those within a desired target market. This can be based on age, gender, interests, profession and much, much more. Doing this will also ensure our social media activity generates actual business leads and Social Media ROI!

Is your mind blown?  Don’t worry, hang in there! Contact us if you would like some help with your Social Media Management.

Stay tuned for our next blog: ‘How to get better social media reach!’