Work : Goaty Hill Wines


The Challenge

Having produced award winning wines from the heart of the Tamar Valley, Goaty Hill Wines already had a well regarded reputation to uphold. But while the wines themselves were going from strength to strength, their website had sadly not improved with age.

The Strategy

Through our user experience (UX) planning with the key shareholders we were able to develop a new brand identity. This was to carry through to the website, which was to be clean, stylised and highly visual. The aim was to convey the seasons, flavours and atmosphere of the vineyard itself and to ask the user to join Goaty Hill on their winemaking journey. 

This was achieved through extensive use of imagery and modern parallax scrolling across the site with the goal of making a visual impact, ensuring menu navigation was smooth and intuitive, and allowing online wine orders and cellar door bookings to be easily accessible without excessive input required.  This was achieved all while maintaining the core pillars of the brand itself: Family, Friends and Fine Wine.

The Impact

This type of bespoke and image oriented web development has helped to set Goaty Hill Wines apart from others in the same arena. While the visual design of the site is aimed to impress and offer visitors a taste of the vineyard experience, the seamless ecommerce and cellar door booking integration has further added functionality and purpose to an evocative and personal website.

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