Work : Vinnies

Campaign Development

The Challenge

Vinnies provide a retail opportunity for people to purchase items that have been kindly passed on to them for the purpose of fund raising toward family welfare, support and assistance. Vinnies core business is providing support and financial assistance to people and families in need. Vinnies aren’t just pedaling somebody else’s unwanted and discarded items cheaply. They are re-purposing once treasured and valued unique and very individual timepieces that have a story, that provide the chance for someone else to make it their own.

The Strategy

Vinnies needed to be experts in discovery, design, fashion, and experts in style. Or at least experts in knowing that amongst all the clutter of kind contributions there are nuggets of gold. Vinnies knew that people can create the most amazing outfits, wardrobes and displays for where ever your imagination will lead you.

To that end as the target market were big social media fans, we appealed to their interests and provided an experts guide/gallery/blog on how to get the most from discovering at Vinnies, such as quirky fashion designers who love to re purpose. Hence ‘Discover Everyday’ was born.

The Impact

A social media campaign utilising Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest was launched. To date the campaign has gained a following amongst the target audience. Advertising on Facebook was undertaken to help reach the target audience and to boost likes and views.

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