5 Free Tools to Improve Your Website

5 Free Tools to Improve Your Website

Do you have a spare couple of minutes on your lunchbreak? In less time than it takes to get a cup of coffee any one of these five FREE web tools can help you improve your website. 


Simply enter a website or company name to instantly see any of their recent activity across social media channels. Revealing posts from the company themselves, or others mentioning the brand online. This is an excellent tool to use when considering your social media strategy and is particularly useful in revealing how other businesses within your industry are using social media to their advantage. 


How quickly does your site load? Not only will Pingdom provide you with an accurate time estimate for loading the entire site, but it’ll also display a rundown of the elements that comprise your website, and the loading times associated with each, allowing you to quickly and easily find the assets that may be causing drag or delay. This speed test itself is a free service, however Pingdom do offer a subscription model for more advanced features.


No matter how you look at it, broken weblinks and 404 errors are bad for business. makes short work out of what would otherwise be a long and arduous process. Paste your URL into the checker, hit 'check' and go make yourself a cup of tea. The checker will analyse your entire site and give you a full report in the time it’ll take the kettle to boil, allowing you to easily see any links or assets that have dropped away. 


Userium offers a comprehensive checklist tool that helps you evaluate your website in terms of best practise. Each suggestion is broken into categories relating to Accessibility, Navigation, UX and Home Page experience. As you review your site you can use the checklist to cross off those suggestions that are already in place and quickly reference some of the principles that you should be using.


This is our personal favourite at at+m. Since 1996 the Way Back Machine has been cataloging and archiving almost every site on the web. Want to see how google looked on the 2nd of December, 1998? Simply enter in a url and select your timeframe to see exactly how things looked. This is an excellent way to see how web design has changed over time and to see how some of the more successful websites have evolved and modernised themselves with changing design trends. 

It's important to note that these resources can help identify performance issues on their own, however optimising your site and driving traffic is achieved by developing an online marketing strategy that can encapsulate website alterations, AdWord budget and criticial analytics reporting.

Know of any other excellent resources we may have missed? If so, please share them with us at or by connecting with us directly via our facebook page.