at+m marketing

Set the course and track how you’re sailing

Before we start doing – we help map what marketing success is, so we know what we should do to get you there. Our obsession about the attainment of performance benchmarks, and the delivery of accountability through reporting frameworks sets our performance marketing approach apart.

Marketing Analysis

Realise market opportunity

Understanding how you can solve your customer problems compared to where else they can shop matters in the game of business. Knowing the marketplace, identifying opportunities, as well as understanding consumer motives and decision making will leave you best placed to shape a story that answers the question – why choose your brand?

Performance Frameworks

Your blueprint for marketing success

Goal mapping to support business objectives and then setting KPIs and targets that work towards their achievement helps create the roadmap for shaping demand for your organisation. Make your marketing strategy accountable and demand return on investment through strong performance frameworks.

Analytics and Reporting

Numbers lie, KPIs don’t

Facebook likes are great, and website visits are awesome – but unless you can point that back to bottom-line business success, you won’t know if you’re truly winning. Cut through the data puke and identify the metrics that matter, with an at+m marketing custom performance report.

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