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Bellamy’s Organic

The Brief

Following an encouraging introduction of a simple idea to share some fun with their 50 thousand plus Facebook followers, Bellamy’s Organic wanted to bring back their Kid’s Vids competition with a little more creative licence.

The Approach

The simple truth is, kids have the wildest imaginations and do the funniest things. Bellamy's believe in those organic moments and challenged us to create a memorable and entertaining digital/online campaign that asked mums and dads to share their favourite videos of kids being kids for a chance to win a $10,000 Hamilton Island holiday and share in 1 of 15 iPad Air weekly prizes. The true prize however is the fun shared with family and friends and watching on with the extended Bellamy's Organic family that has reached right across the globe.

The Results

We had a lot of fun with this brief too, from the creative concept and development to designing the logo mock up, poster design and digital online banner ads, to producing the cutest 90 second video animation that has exceeded everyone's expectations by going viral. It is in fact, helping create unprecendented traffic on both social media platforms and to their own website. There's no news however on frog suit sales to date. We'll let you know.