Work : Wrest Point Casino

3 Diamond Poker

The Challenge

Wrest Point Casino the APL and 888 hosted the largest premier poker tournament in Tasmania but faced a daunting challenge of filling over 500 seats based on previous years attendances and a substantial investment.

The Strategy

The poker fraternity have a unique culture and personality of their own. An air of arrogance and confidence with bullet proof self-esteem. They are go-getters and believe in their abilities beyond their normal daily activities and have high expectations with their eye, albeit hidden behind dark glasses, firmly on the prize.

With that in mind we created a logo lockup and campaign personality that appeals directly to the target market’s values at heart in a tone of voice they understand. The campaign was developed around their own language and personalities making them the heroes and the destination a calendar championship event.

The Impact

We raised the stakes. It was a sell out in the first week, one month prior the event, drawing local, national and international players. Establishing the tournament as a legitimate draw card.

Concept, logo, brand campaign, posters.

3 Diamond Poker

100% sellout of all seats