Work : Tas Gas


The Challenge

TasGas needed to connect more people to the new gas pipe line. As a relatively new energy provider in Tasmania the challenge was to convert people from electricity to the benefits and warmth of Gas.

The Strategy

Evidence proved people were interested in renovating kitchens, entertaining and enjoying cooking with an open flame like a chef. We also knew Tasmanians are parochial and loved local produce. We invited Justine Schofield, Master Chef favourite and Gastronomist, to travel around Tasmania collecting her favourite produce. Justine then told everyone the secret ingredient to becoming a Gastronomist is of course, gas. The story continues connecting to hot water and flame effect fire heating, concluding with the proposition.“Think that’s good? We’re just warming up.”

The Impact

TasGas met budget, recording a 60% increase in connections. The campaign proved an overall success. And launched a brief ‘catreer’ for Mufasa the cat.

Concept, 30,15 second TVC’s, Radio, Press, DM, Posters, Brochures and Web design.


60% increase In connections.

A record figure for the first time in history, raising awareness and brand equity.