Banner - 5 Benefits of Google My Business (GMB)

There are over 7.6 Billion local searches via Google My Business each month. With interaction like this, it’s easy to see why registering your business could be the smartest business decision you can make today. From ease of information to powerful analytics, the benefits of the platform as a business tool are varied:

1) Be Found – Anyone searching for your services locally will be able to find your business, opening hours, Google maps directions and contact phone numbers on any device they’re using to access the internet.  

2) Be Informative – No one likes excessive navigation. Your location, recent activity, product or premises photos and videos, ongoing promotions and user reviews will be prominently displayed for ease of access, all in one easy to find location.

3) Be Current – With the Google My Business Dashboard, you can dynamically update your business information, upcoming events, change of address, operating hours and closure for renovations without navigating through countless permission and administrator restrictions. 

4) Be Appealing – Share product images and content, upload a How to or Case Study video. Google loves content, and keeping your profile fresh and active will increase your organic search rankings, and your visitors will be able to instantly get a visual representation of your business and products.

5) Be Accurate – Evaluate and analyse how and when your clients browse. How do they find you? What search terms are they looking for, and which keywords have led them to you? Check and compare these statistics over time to get an overview of your online strategy.

If you’re interested in building your online profile, and increasing the visibility of your brand, there aren’t many resources as powerful or complete as Google My Business, and perhaps best of all, it’s completely free to join.

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