Charity Cooking Classes


Through the stories of struggles that City Mission told, it became apparent that the need was not providing soup for the soup kitchen, but in giving cooking skills to those that have never been taught how to cook.

The idea is now a working project with South Street Cooking School, IGA and Diabetes Tasmania lending  their support. There are 6 cooking classes per year that have clients from City Mission, Benevolent Society, Vinnies and Salvation Army.

at+m have provided ongoing marketing support and media releases which resulted in, ABC local radio doing an afternoon live at the cooking class and recently ABC TV also did a spot on the cooking class. The supporting local businesses have used Facebook and their website to promote the classes and recipes.

This project demonstrates local business pooling their different skills  together to create a positive local change. This is what can happen when you take a seed of an idea and put it into action.

Charity Cooking Classes