Work : Country Club Tasmania

Sliders @ Tonic

The Challenge

Country Club Casino introduced the new and popular Sliders Burgers to their menu at their premier lounge, Tonic. Sliders are 3 little bite size gastronomy burgers made from local produce and quality ingredients like Wagyu beef, that are lovingly presented on paddle type plates. For those dressed up for a classy night out, these little gourmet delicacies are as appealing as they are bursting with flavour.

The Strategy

We cooked up a theme of fun and excitement to launch the Sliders at Tonic and created a range of messages that appeared throughout the Country Club with POS lightboxes and Bus back advertising attracting the movers a shakers of Tasmania at various ages. We ran a series of teaser commercials leading up to the launch event preceding an over arching awareness campaign driving people to Country Club.

The Impact

No tie, shirt or blouse was harmed in the making of this launch. People loved the idea and enjoyed having a tasty bite to eat enjoying a night at Tonic. The burgers continue to attract customers but that was, no little surprise to us.

Concept, posters, POS, Bus advertising.