Work : St Anthony's

Learning by Heart

The Challenge

St Anthony’s is a small Catholic primary school in an outer suburban neighbourhood by the Tamar River in Northern Tasmania. It has amazing views, open play areas, new modern facilities and a wonderful community spirit. It’s the best school, that nobody ever heard of. With a growing population in the area new families were inclined to send their child to a school in the city. Or felt they needed to be Catholic. Or simply wanted to send them to the school they themselves attended.

The Strategy

Research and evidence elicited from our strategic discovery session indicated that St Anthony’s brand associations were fragmented and not linked to the most relevant factors people used to select a Primary School for their children.

We developed an awareness campaign that was in keeping the School's values and their unique features that set them apart from other schools. Simply the student just loved going there. They literally had the freedom to learn, to grow and become.

Learning was fun, in a school that inspired. With teachers that cared in classes that sang. It became apparent the children were in fact learning by heart.

The Impact

Immediately the campaign rallied an optimist culture within. From staff, to student, to parents. It became more than an ad. But a philosophy. As the students at St Anthony’s continue to grow. So too does the brand and a new legacy.

Concept, brochures, radio, website.