Work : Joint State & Federal Government

Be Ready

The Challenge

Following a year of devastating fires and floods, the State Government needed to create a recruitment campaign that championed locals to become Emergency Service Volunteers before pending disasters strike, run by a committee working group representing each of the 6 emergency services.

The Strategy

We asked what motivated people to join, establishing an understanding of community spirit and traditional values and knew we had to move people, emotionally. We also had to appeal to a very discerning and specific audience that rallied to a lifestyle choice by becoming a proud, valuable member of the community. We were on the lookout for people to join, learn, be ready. 

The Impact

“The hairs on my arms are standing up. I feel like crying. And becoming a volunteer.” We’re proud too. The TVC goes to air this year and we hope it has the same effect on the extended Tasmanian community. Concept, 90, 30 TVC’s, Radio, Press, Posters, Brochures and Web design.

Be Ready

Meeting the brief for the six independent agencies


Be Ready