Work : Tamar Valley Dairy

Mini Moo - Naming & Packaging

The Challenge

A new creamy yogurt squeeze pack range was developed by Tamar Valley Dairy to meet a national distribution channel demand focused on a healthy alternative for children aimed at health conscious parents and fussy eating kids.

The Strategy

With a healthy reputation for quality Tasmanian produce the challenge was for a small family owned business to arm wrestle the larger multi-national brands. It needed to retain their wholesome values whilst competing for share of voice in major supermarkets around the country.

We developed a sweet little name and contemporary logo with appetite appeal, with cute mini moo characters in keeping with the simplicity of the brand essence and the benefits to both mums and their children.

The Impact

It truly became a product that stood out from the herd. Mums enjoyed the promise of healthy Tasmanian ingredients and the kids loved the flavour and the fun. Tamar Valley loved that it sold like someone left the gate open of the barn. In fact Tamar Valley Dairy was bought by Fontana a month after initial release.

Concept, packaging, naming, logo, TVC script.