Work : Tas Gas

Flame Effect Fire

The Challenge

Riding on the wave of success from the ‘Gastronomist’ TVC, Tas Gas needed to create a desire in homeowners to now heat their homes with a flame effect gas fire.

The Strategy

The new campaign encourages people to think differently about effectively warming their homes efficiently. We introduced the notion that as a gastronomist you wouldn’t cut corners on instant foods but you could enjoy the warmth and comfort from your new gas flame effect fire instantly allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love. Big or small.

The campaign was developed with busy couples installing a flame effect fire in mind. Conscious of their time, looking stylish, entertaining and modern the campaign leaves the door ajar for the next instalment of gas hot water, reinforcing the campaign ‘gastronomist’ theme of all good things gas. “Think that’s good. We’re just warming up.”

The Impact

The campaign, as new as it is, has already had an immediate retort. Prior the first month sales figures, retailers have indicated a surge in connection enquiries proving high awareness.

Concept, 30,15 second TVC’s, Radio, Press, DM.

Flame Effect Fire

Instant heat and instant positive results.

Sales enquiries have been immediately positive and encouraging, still with those cold Tassie winter nights approaching conversions rates remain very optimistic.

Television Commercial

Flame Effect Fire