Work : St Giles

The Ability Within


The Challenge

With the introduction of the National Disability Scheme in 2013 allowing patients the ability to manage and choose where, which and what service provider they preferred. Not-for-profit organisations needed to announce to the public that they were open for business.

The Strategy

St Giles have enjoyed a rich history over 76 years providing care and support for people with various levels of disabilities who require specialised therapy and rehabilitation. They see beyond the disability and treat the person. So we turned disability into ability.

The ability to grow, inspire, choose. We only see the ability within. It proved a much larger proposition empowering the brand and their clients, friends, family, staff and care givers.

The Impact

The intention was to simply make a public announcement. The result was brand activation, shifting public perception and providing the ingredients for a new professional, thoughtful and first class culture.

Concept, 30sec TVC.