Work : Scotch Oakburn College

Above All

The Challenge

In a very uncertain economy, a relatively small market and with competitive opposition, private schools locally and nationally were all vying for the same audience and new attendances as enrolments began for the school year.

The Strategy

Scotch Oakburn College has a very unique culture that is built on respect and trust. One that nurtures and fosters innovative, creative thinking and learning. That above all goes beyond that of just the time spent at school, but preparation for the rest of the students lives.

It is a unique way of thinking and in essence became the brand proposition that developed within a fully integrated campaign. Above all. Be inspired. Be curious, be the future. As one of the leading Schools in Tasmania with over 100 years of history it was befitting for a wise school to adopt such a contemporary approach.

The Impact

835% return on investment exceeding expectations attracting over 100 new students from various ages.

Concept, Press, online web banners, billboards, bus backs and direct mail

Above All

835% ROI and beyond all expectations.

A small recruitment campaign became a large brand proposition that excited a school and inspired a league of new students. 100 in fact.